Shaun Scott for City Council in Seattle’s District 4

Laura Loe
3 min readApr 15, 2019

District 4 was my home for the last 10 years. I’m feeling nostalgic about walking to the best lunch buffet at Araya’s Place, or taking a weekend stroll to bird watch at the Center for Urban Horticulture, or helping restore wetlands at Magnuson Park, or having eagles swoop overhead in the Ravenna Ravine, or eating my favorite pastries and sandwiches across the bridge in Portage Bay at Le Fornil. I uniquely care about the future of the district. And that is why I want to encourage you to support Shaun Scott for City Council in D4.

Highlights from my time in District 4 include editing “The Roosie” monthly newsletter for the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association and helping University of Washington public health students make community connections during their successful efforts to host Tent City 3 at UW.

Shaun Scott, city council candidate for District 4, recently put out a Green New Deal for Seattle. Want to learn more? His platform and story about where he came from and why he wants to lead our city is here.

There’s a great event on April 25 to hear from the candidate directly. The conversation between former 46th LD State Senator Jessyn Farrell and Scott should be fantastic! The Sunrise Movement Town Hall is co-hosted by WA Youth Climate Strike. (Free, with suggested $50 Democracy Voucher donation). There will be many opportunities for you to hear from the candidate before ballots ‘drop’ in July, and I hope you reach out to the campaign to find out about those events.

I’m dismayed about climate change. I’m ashamed of our reliance on dangerous fossil fuels. I’m frustrated by the lack of bold action on a national level to halt catastrophic global warming. Locally, I’m frustrated with the direction our current Mayor is taking us. I think that Scott is ready to turn our shared values into reality, and make Seattle a beacon of hope to other cities around the country.

Shaun Scott has already caught the attention of leaders inside and outside of Seattle and that makes me proud, again, of what our city can become.. He is supported by Julia Salazar, New York State Senator. He is already the top recipient of democracy vouchers among Seattle voters, and the average age of his voucher donor is 33 years old. People who will be directly impacted by climate change are seeing the urgency of bold local leadership. Among Shaun Scott’s local supporters is BRADY PIÑERO WALKINSHAW, Former Washington State Legislator, 43rd LD and CARY MOON, Urban Planner & Transit Activist. While you will probably hear a lot from the press about his base of supporters in Democratic Socialists of America, (which is a bold progressive organization, not a political party), there are people supporting Scott across a broad and diverse political spectrum.

Seattle City Council District 4 includes Eastlake, Laurelhurst, Wedgwood (spelled without an e!), Ravenna, University District, Roosevelt, Wallingford, Sand Point & many other micro-communities. Don’t forget to include parts of Maple Leaf and Fremont when you’re talking about D4! Those votes count, too. If you don’t live in D4, tell your friends & family about Shaun Scott.

If you want to help Shaun Scott’s campaign, get involved by visiting .



Laura Loe

Laura Loe is a renter, an educator, a musician, and a gardener from Colombia/NY/LA/Chicago who has lived in Seattle for over 10 years.