Be:Seattle — Pledge to Support Seattle Tenants

Laura Loe
Oct 31, 2020

I plan to host a fundraiser for @_beseattle on Sunday, December 6.

Do you have a tenant story to share? how has their organizing events, workshops, info or leadership in the community around their mutual aid impacted you? I’d love to collect those stories.

Can you pledge to give on December 6 now by commenting with the word “Pledge”?

The pledge is also a thing that Be:Seattle has done in the past — gotten small business owners to make a pledge to be a welcoming business to people without housing.

Do you have special skills or talents that you could showcase as an in-kind donation for this event? Do you have a poem you can read, a song you can sing, a joke you can tell, fire you can breathe? plz connect!

Seattle Tenants need orgs like Be:Seattle in their corner.

Follow Be:Seattle on facebook for more info about the work they’ve done in the past, and what rad stuff they are doing right now!,

❤ pledge to support this rad org today ❤

Be:Seattle is led by a rad person, Kate and a rad organizer, Maya. They host tenant rights workshops, connect struggling renters with support and resources, reach out to people living outside with care packages, and work alongside the Tenants Union of Washington State on the Cancel Rent & Mortgages WA campaign which has helped get the eviction moratoriums extended in our state.

This post will be updated with a link to register for the event soon!



Laura Loe

Laura Loe is a renter, an educator, a musician, and a gardener from Colombia/NY/LA/Chicago who has lived in Seattle for over 10 years.